Now Its Time To Stop

With the release this month of Now That's What I Call Music 107 it is perhaps time to come out and say...STOP. Please just stop. Stop inflicting these compilation albums on the public. We live in a world of downloads and we are totally capable of making up our own compilations thank you and frankly... Continue Reading →

It’s Not The Years…It’s The Mileage

The Music Box caught up with singer/songwriter Michael Antony Austin ahead of the release of his new album “It's Not The Years...It's The Mileage” due in early March. Recorded in Glasgow by Gordon McNeil (ex Gun) and featuring the talents of James Prime (Deacon Blue), Charlotte Printer (Skipinnish) and Derek Fleming (Kodak Ghosts) this is... Continue Reading →

Classic V Popular

So the big debate this week at KMN Rocks HQ was what is the difference between a “Classic” song and a “Popular” song? This was sparked by a comment in a previous article where we suggested that Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple was dreadful. How dare you say that (or words to that... Continue Reading →

Is COVID Killing Music

When we did our first column in the Echoes back at the start of June we thought that by September live music would be back, all be it with some form of restrictions and we would be reviewing the local music scene here in Avondale. Sadly, as we know, this is not the case and... Continue Reading →

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