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Join me every Wednesday from 6-8pm for Americana Routes on River Radio. An eclectic mix of music awaits you from the artists that make up the sound of “Americana”. From Country, Rock, Blues, R&B, Folk and a little bit of Soul there is something for everybody.

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The Beatles And India

A new movie, The Beatles And India aims to shed light on The Beatles' infamous trip to Rishikesh, India, in 1968. Accompanied by Donovan, Beach Boy Mike Love and actress Mia Farrow the band, prompted by George Harrison, sought enlightenment in the meditation classes of famed spiritualist, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Less committed to the cause... Continue Reading →

Avondale Radio

As another week dawns we get ever closer to Avondale Radio hitting the airways. In a meeting last week we finally decided on what was required funding wise, what equipment was required and the company who will supply the digital platform for the station. We also started to look at programming and in the coming... Continue Reading →

George Porter

The Music Box caught up with singer/songwriter George Porter this week to chat about his new single, a cover of the Gun song “Taking On The World” and discuss how the last 12 months have affected his musical career, both professionally and personally. Like the majority of artists the pandemic has had a profound affect... Continue Reading →

Aj McLovely

The Music Box caught up via Zoom recently with Aberdeenshire singer/songwriter Aj McLovely to talk about how she has coped over the last 13 months of lockdown. The former beauty queen, model and hard working Mum of two, renewed her passion for music following life changing events in her personal life. After the death of... Continue Reading →

Life of a music promoter – Part 3

As a music promoter who specialises in getting radio airplay for artists on the worldwide airwaves, I get sent and listen to many songs of different genres. There are always true gems in amongst the hundreds of tracks and I always listen to each track I am sent. It is important that the songs I... Continue Reading →

Acoustic Night Online

We had the pleasure of catching up once again recently with Alan and Louise Mairs who run “Acoustic Night Online” from their home in Glassford. Both are accomplished musicians, having played in various bands over the last 30 years, who decided last year to start up online sessions as a way of artists getting their... Continue Reading →

THP Songs

We also caught up once again with Strathaven resident David Torrance of THP Songs to find out what he has been up to recently. It has been a busy time for David with new songwriting collaborations with, as always, a different variety of artists. David takes up the story. As for THP Songs, our next... Continue Reading →

Stuart Colquhoon….The Doorstep Singer

We were contacted here at recently by Strathaven resident Stuart Colquhoun who is offering an unique musical service to people during these strange times. He is offering a fun songwriting service for anyone missing out on traditional celebrations due to Covid and it's called “The Doorstep Singer.” Loved ones or associates of people missing... Continue Reading →

Tim McGeary

In a recent discussion with David Torrance of Strathaven based THP Songs he mentioned that he had been writing with an American singer/songwriter Tim McGeary. David had been contacted by Tim via LinkedIn after he heard some of THP's songs via their website. The result was Tim's latest single (promoted by CJC Promotions) “A Love... Continue Reading →

Should old bands release new albums?

Very recently Pete Townsend of The Who and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones announced that their respective bands were thinking of releasing a new album in late 2021 early 2022. Now that got us thinking here at does the world really need yet another album not just from them but other major artists.... Continue Reading →

CJC Promotions

Last week The Music Box sat down via Zoom with ex Strathaven resident Catherine Campbell of CJC Promotions to talk about her business and how the artists she represents have coped over the last year. After a varied career working in the Oil Industry and Universities and being an avid music lover, Catherine decided it... Continue Reading →

New Artists upset by Music History

A recent report suggested that new artists were complaining that their music is not being heard as often as it should on streaming services as they had to compete with over 50 years of music history. Really??..Their main gripe was that bands like The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Eagles and Bruce Springsteen were getting all... Continue Reading →

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